Chain Saws (Professional)

Professional top handle and balanced design chain saws

Stihl MS 193 T

RRP €691

Special Offer Price €535

MS 192 T|Chainsaw

Light compact saw for the tree maintenance. Ideal power to weight ratio. Accurate guidance and outstanding cutting performance. Optimum ergonomics and handling. This arborist saw has been specially designed for professional tree surgeons and is only intended for use by trained tree service personnel.



Stihl MS 201 T-CM 

RRP €1152

Special Offer Price €690


Powerful, light arborist chainsaw.

Up in the trees, different rules apply. Weight matters, there’s no margin for error and the arborist needs a chain saw that’s quick, easy to start and gives the performance they expect. The STIHL MS 201 T retains all the familiarity of the leading MS 200 T as well as already meeting EU II emissions limits for 2014. Designed to improve productivity, performance and comfort, this powerful pro arborist saw provides a 15% better cutting performance, 20% improved fuel consumption, 100% longer filter life and a higher power to weight ratio compared to its predecessor. It also has noticeably lower vibrations, with the right hand figure reducing to 3.1 m/s2. It’s a real professional – just like the arborists who it’s designed for.


Stihl MS241 C-M

RRP €958

Special Offer Price €625



Excellent for harvesting thin wood, with more powerful engine performance at a low weight. Standard-fitted with STIHL M-Tronic (M), long-life air filter system with HD2 filter requires only occasional cleaning, captive nut on the sprocket cover, economical 2-MIX engine, 3/8″ PS saw chain for very high cutting performance.

Stihl MS 261 

RRP €1102

Special Offer Price €699.00

Reducing emissions by 50% as compared to previous models, the STIHL MS 261 chain saw’s innovative engine technology is less harmful to the environment. The reliable engine also provides up to a 20% increase in fuel efficiency, resulting in longer periods of use between refueling. The compact, space-saving design of the split-barrel carburetor and the stainless steel muffler reduce overall weight, making it ideal for professionals.



Stihl MS 362

RRP €1230

Special Offer Price €799.00

This model has several operator-friendly components, including a side-access chain tensioner, toolless fuel and oil caps with retainers, and a translucent fuel tank. Captive bar nuts are retained in the sprocket cover to prevent their loss and are designed for self-guided mounting. Pre-separation air filtration provides greater air cleaning efficiency and longer run times between filter maintenance.








Stihl MS 441

RRP €1395

Special Offer Price €949.00 INC VAT

With a new edge in chain saw technology, the MS 441 Magnum® boasts an advanced pre-filtration system, noticeably reduced vibrations and a higher torque level over a wide RPM range. More powerful than than previous models, this chain saw is also emissions conscious, with 10 to 20 percent less fuel consumption depending on the application.









Stihl MS 441-CM

RRP €1503

Special Offer Price €1095.00 Inc Vat


70.7 cm , 4.2kw/ 5.7hp 6.6kg
Perfect for harvesting wood in medium-density to high density
stands. Standard fitted with m-tronic, ensuring optimum engine
performance at all times and easy starting thanks to a start
position , long life air filter system for long filter intervals ,
tool free fuel caps for easy and safe refuelling.

Stihl MS 461 

RRP €1468

Special Offer Price €990

Our high performance saw for thinning work in medium and high density stands. This successor to the tried-and-tested MS 460 has a new fuel-efficient, low-emission 2-MIX engine, significantly better torque build-up, a long-life HD2 filter and impressive cutting performance for better control during plunge cutting jobs.

Stihl MS 462

RRP €1550


Special Offer Price €1095

Image result for MS462



The lightest high-performance saw in the 70 cm³ cubic capacity class. Extraordinarily easy to manoeuvre, with outstanding acceleration. For felling and pruning in medium-density and high-density stands. Fitted with M-Tronic as standard; HD2 filter with very good filtering effect. Captive nuts on the sprocket cover make it easy to change the chain; tool-free fuel caps for easy and safe filling with fuels and lubricants; economical 2-MIX engine.

Stihl MS661 C-M

RRP €1680

Special Offer Price €1145

MS 661|Stihl|Chainsaw
Very powerful high-performance saw with advanced 2-MIX technology and STIHL M-Tronic (M). This electronic engine management system regulates the ignition timing and the fuel supply and automatically registers the external temperature for optimal engine performance, great acceleration and sustained maximum torque. Extremely robust and durable with low vibration levels. Designed for professional use within forestry and big timber harvesting.

 Stihl MS880

RRP €2062

Special Offer Price €1475


ms 880|Chainsaw|Stihl

The most powerful series-produced chainsaw in the world. Decompression valve and STIHL ElastoStart ensure an effortless chainsaw start, HD2 filter guarantees a long filter life, tool-free fuel cap for safe and easy refuelling.