Chain Saws (Accessories)


Chain Saw Sharpening


Any chain saw is only as good as its saw chain. It is important to never ignore chain maintenance. A lack of chain maintenance will not only result in a poor cut but will eventually ruin the bar, sprocket and other parts of the engine.
Keeping a chain in good repair will save both time and money.


Chain Saw Accessories and Spare Parts

We stock all accessories to ensure your chain saw is running perfectly. From file guides, file handles, oil caps and two stroke oil mix you will find them at our premises.
File Gauge

2 in 1 Easy File €45.00 INC VAT

File Handles

Storage Case for Saw Chains

Filing Vices

Combination Fuel Can €42.00 INC VAT

Filling System for Fuel

Filling System for Chain Oil

Personal protective equipment


1    Safety

2    Innovation

3    Practicality

4    Usability


All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required to have a CE mark which is the result of European Directives and European Standards. These require manufacturers to label products clearly to define their level of protection and use, and form part of a series of requirements designed to protect against the risks to users of handheld chain saws.

PPE supplied by STIHL is labelled in accordance with the current standards and the
latest specifications.

All products marketed by STIHL comply with the relevant CE requirements.
The German Centre for Forest Work and Technology (KWF) ‘Utility Value’ mark of conformity is awarded by the KWF for outstanding forest technology. See page 251 for more information about the KWF and its different conformity marks.


All STIHL PPE products meet the required European Standard for that particular item – European Standards for protective clothing. These include:

EN 381-5 Protective clothing for users of handheld chain saws; requirements for leg protectors
EN 471 High visibility warning clothing for professional use
EN 343 Protection against rain
EN ISO 17249 Safety footwear with resistance to chain saw cutting
EN ISO 20345 Personal protective equipment – safety footwear

Dynamic Jacket


Dynamic Trousers Design A


Dynamic Bib and Brace


Economy Plus Jacket

Economy Plus Trouser €99.99 INC VAT

Laced Safety Boots

Chain Saw Gloves with Cut Protection € 39.00 INC VAT


Felling Levers €89.00 INC VAT

Hand Lifting Tongs €36.00


Drag Hook €18.00