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Brush Cutters

Wide Range of Domestic and Professional Strimmers

Honda Brushcutter Range

Honda UMS 425 ELE Petrol Strimmer Loop Handle Brushcutter €329.00


Lighweight, quiet and easy to use strimmer is powered by a 25cc, 4 stroke honda engine. The 4 stroke engine make this strimmer really easy to start, as there is no mixing of fuel. Nylon cutting cord is supplied as standard and protective googles are included.


Honda UMK 425 ELE Petrol 4-Stroke Brushcutter €449.00


The honda UMK 425 features the newly developed GX25 engine, is easy-to-use, robust and lightweight, but delivers a heavy weight performance in tackling jobs in places where a lawnmower will not reach.

An extremely comfortable harness and safety googles are supplied with the strimmer as is the case with all honda brushcutters. 3 sided metal blade is also included for more demanding jobs.





Bent Shaft Brushcutters FS 38  Was €254.00

Now 219.00 Buy Online



FS 38

FS 38 27.2 CM , 0.65KW /0.9HP 4.2 KG.  Lightest brushcutter in the still range.  Ideal for trimming grass edges .  Multifunction handle , round handle 2-mix engine.




Stihl Straight Shaft  Strimmers FS 55 Was €441.00

Now €359.00 Buy Online

27.2 cm , 0.75kw /1.0hp 4.9kg
For comfortable operation where space is limited.  Multifunction handle , bike handle, tool free handle adjustment, 2-mix engine.
FS 55 R
27.2 cm , 0.75kw /1.0hp 4.9kg
Powerful brush cutter, with compact loop handle for comfortable operation even where space is limited.

FS 56 R-CE Brushcutter

RRP  €469.00 Now €389.00 Buy Online 

FS 56 RC-E

Light-weight petrol brushcutter with straight shaft, loop handle and ErgoStart. Modern appearance, convenient operation and very simple starting procedure are the highlights of the new generation STIHL grass trimmer range. The number of steps needed to start the machine has been drastically reduced. The frustration of a flooded engine is virtually eliminated. New 2-stroke engine with stratified charge allows fast acceleration, low emissions, reduced fuel consumption.Comes standard with fully adjustable loop handle and AutoCut mowing head.


Stihl FS 70RC-E Brushcutter RRP €618.00

Now €455.00

FS 70 RC-E

Extremely robust 0.9 kW petrol brushcutter with loop handle.

2-MIX engine consumes up to 20% less fuel and 70% less emissions compared to conventional two-stroke engines without 2-MIX technology.

ErgoStart simplified starting procedure for increased comfort. Optimised trimmer angle for working on large areas of tough grass.



FS 70 C-E

Robust 0.9 kW petrol brushcutter with ErgoStart and bike handle

Was €649.00 Now €499.00 Inc VAT Buy Online 

FS 70 C-E

For mowing large areas of tough grass. STIHL ErgoStart, multi function handle, bike handle, 2-MIX engine, basic harness.


Stihl FS111 Petrol Brushcutter was €759.00

Now €575.00 Buy Online 

Stihl FS111|petrol Brushcutter
Power Output 1.05kw, displacement 31.5cm, total length 180cm, autocut C 25-2, 5.8kg.  Comes with comfort harness and blade.

 Stihl FS 240 Petrol Brush Cutter Bike Handle  ***NEW*** Was €799.00 

Now 599.00 Buy Online

FS 240 C-E

Ideal for agricultural and horticultural work. STIHL 1-point anti-vibration system,

STIHL ErgoStart, multi-function handle, bike handle, tool-free handle adjustment,

2-MIX engine, straight shaft, solid drive shaft, double shoulder harness.



Stihl FS 260 C-E Petrol Brushcutter was €849.00

Now €675.00

Stihl FS260 C-E|Brushcutter

Power output 2KW, displacement 41.6cm, total length 168cm,

brush knife 300-3, 7.7kg.  Comes with comfort harness and blade.


FS 460 C-EM

2 MIX Clearing saw with M-Tronic

Was €1028.00 Now €875.00 Inc VAT Buy Online 

FS 460 C-EM

For working in challenging areas of tough grass. STIHL 4-point anti-vibration system, STIHL ErgoStart, multi-function handle, bike handle, tool-free handle adjustment, 2-MIX engine, STIHL M-Tronic.