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Stihl KM56R CE

Easy to start and light-weight KombiEngine with ErgoStart (E).
The ideal KombiEngine for all around-the-garden tasks.One engine with many optional tools that can handle a variety of tasks would be just one way to describe the STIHL KombiSystem. From edging to trimming, to sweeping and even blowing—the low-emission STIHL KM 56 RC-E and its optional attachments are great for a wide range of jobs around the garden. Featuring our ErgoStart (E) system and a new simplified starting procedure that helps prevent flooding, there’s no longer a need for a strong or fast pull of the starting cord.

RRP €424 —-




KM94RC|stihl|Multi tool engine

The light weight KM 94 RC-E is packed full of features to help with those everyday tasks around the house and garden. Designed for both keen gardeners and professionals alike, the versatile KombiEngine will comfortably power all the KombiTools within the STIHL range. Technological features include; STIHL ErgoStart for smooth, hassle free starting, the economical STIHL 2-MIX engine and STIHL ECOSPEED for simple adjustment of the engine speed via the control handle.

RRP €593





KM131R|Multi tool engine|Stihl

The KM 131 R is also easy to operate, featuring a semi-automatic choke lever, one-touch stop switch, anti-vibration system and a specially designed quick-release coupling system for easy switching between attachments. The only thing easier than using the KM 131 R is leaving your older, bulkier power tools behind.

RRP €689

*OFFER PRICE €585.00*



KMA 130 R – Body Only

Light cordless KombiEngine for all KombiTools

Now €449.00 Inc VAT Buy Online 


KMA 130 R - Body Only

Powerful cordless KombiEngine with high torque and low weight. Three power levels for energy-efficient and low-noise work in all applications, harness. Weight: 3.2 kg. The appropriate KombiTools can be found from page 106 onwards.



Stihl Interchangeable Kombi System Attachments Accessories


These terrific attachments – combined with one of our five powerheads – let you create a custom yard care system. Take care of just the tasks you need around your property by choosing from these great add ons. Cultivate, trim, edge and more.

Interchangeable KombiSystem Attachments

When using HL (hedge trimmer), FH (power scythe) or BF (cultivator) attachments, or FS (brushcutter) with grass blade attachment on the KM 55 R, KM 55 RC-E, KM 85 R, KM 90 R, KM 110 R, KM 130 R, FS 83 RT and with a loop handle, barrier bar must be attached to the handle.



HL-KM 145° Adjustable Hedge Trimmer

HL KM 145|Hedgetrimmer attachment

Has the added flexibility of being able to be adjusted to 270°
(145° working range).

WEIGHT 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs.)

RRP €431

*OFFER PRICE €345.00*



BG-KM Blower

A unique, lightweight blower attachment that’s ideal for outside cleanup tasks.

RRP €254

*OFFER PRICE €225.00



BF-KM Mini-Cultivator

A lightweight cultivator for getting into tight places. Ideal for rejuvenation of flower beds and plantings and for mixing amendments into the soil.

WEIGHT 4.1 kg (9.0 lbs.)

RRP €389.00



HT-KM Pole Pruner

Makes quick work of pruning trees and shrubs. Side-access chain tensioner makes it easy to adjust the chain. Oil tank cap with retainer helps keep you from losing the cap.

WEIGHT 1.8 kg (4.0 lbs.)

RRP €306



KW-KM STIHL PowerSweep

The STIHL PowerSweep™ attachment cleans up caked dirt along roads and sidewalks, moves pebbles and sand in turf, as well as water and light snow along flat surfaces.

WEIGHT 7.4 kg (16.3 lbs.)

RRP €525.00


KB-KM Bristle brush

€399.00 inc vat



Removes dirt from the deepest grooves and furrows. Stiff bristles, backward rotating brush, working width: 60 cm, including guard, total length: 125 cm. Weight: 6.4 kg


FH-KM 145° Adjustable Power Scythe

FH-KM 135°

Unique grass and weed trimmer for precision trimming. The grass “lies down” after it is cut. Ideal for parking lots and tight trimming conditions.

WEIGHT 2.4 kg (5.3 lbs.). POA

RRP €351.00


FS-KM Line Head Trimmer


Uses the dependable AUTOCUT® head. Designed for mowing and trimming around obstacles.

WEIGHT 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs.)

RRP €147



Shaft extension

Shaft extension

Shaft extension for KM-HT KombiTool. Reach extension 1 metre.

RRP €128



Carbon fibre shaft extension, 1m

carbon shaft extension

1 metre extension for KM-HT and KM-HL.  Extra light weight shaft extension. Carbon inner shaft, aluminium outer. Reach extension: 1m. For use with the KM-HT and KM-HL KombiTools.

RRP €179